Coherent Acoustics by JBA solves noise abatement problems of dockside location

The Hilton Bayfront Hotel is a 30-story luxury property on this California port city’s busy waterfront. JBA Trusted Advisors™ did nearly all the engineering work for the property, designing its mechanical, electrical, acoustical, plumbing, telecommunications, audiovisual, security and surveillance systems. Among their challenges: making sure noise from a nearby container processing facility would not disturb guests.


Any number of seemingly minor problems can turn into major headaches in a multi-million dollar construction project. Someone needs to make sure that each is addressed before that can happen.

At the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, the biggest worries had to do with the noise from its dockside location.

the solutions

Michael Schwob, Director of Acoustical Engineering, traveled to San Diego and measured the actual sound levels at the site. He and his Coherent Acoustics team then built a computer model of the noise level at each floor. They also modeled noise levels from the cooling towers and within the meeting center.


“In essence, we have the same objective for a hotel as an opera house,” Schwob explains. “We design it to sound the way the guest expects it to sound.”

The meticulous work by JBA engineers has paid off: The hotel, open since 2008, has consistently received the highest ratings, including 4 Diamonds from AAA and a 4-star average rating from guest reviews on TripAdvisor.

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