JBA helps Nevada Energy power at least 6,000 homes in Las Vegas using landfill gas

Producing electricity is tough to do if your goal is a zero carbon footprint and a net reduction in air pollution. Yet that’s exactly what JBA Trusted Advisors Les Fernandez and JJ Wisdom helped accomplish at Apex Regional Landfill north of Las Vegas. They helped design a gas turbine generating plant that produces 11 megawatts of electricity for Nevada Energy – enough to power 6,000 homes using biofuel.


As beneficial as the technology can be, it cannot work everywhere, since only the largest landfills can produced enough gas to be economically feasible. Other challenges include:

the solutions

The electrical systems were designed by JBA Engineering Consultants and the mechanical systems by Concord Engineering of Voorhees Township, New Jersey. The mechanical systems remove moisture and pollutants from the landfill gas, compress it, pipe it about a mile to the turbines, then chill it before combustion.


Frank Skinner, Senior Project Manager for DCO Energy, the developer and a partner in the plant’s operator, says DCO has a history with JBA and felt they could count on them for this out-of-the ordinary electrical design. “They were great,” he says. “Les is brilliant, an unbelievable guy. We were very happy with the work that he and JJ did.”.

The design process was exacting, but it has paid off in flawless operation since the generating plant was opened in 2011.

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