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The Benefits of Building with Aluminum

Aluminum is a building material that is recyclable and sustainable.

JBA is no stranger to helping buildings realize their potential in sustainability and environmental efficiency. One of the methods utilized to promote sustainable structures is the selection of construction tools that are both energy efficient and composed of recyclable materials. A popular and sustainable building material that will stand the test of time is aluminum, which offers architects a number of benefits over similar substances. Here are some of the many advantages that come from utilizing aluminum in building constructions.

Environmental sustainability

Aluminum is an incredibly recyclable material, which makes it one of the best construction materials for environmental sustainability. Composed of anywhere from 50 to 85 percent recyclable materials, the aluminum used in skyscrapers can significantly enhance greener building designs.

Creating strong, weatherproof buildings

Another benefit of utilizing aluminum in building designs is its high strength to weight ratio. Aluminum can stand up to a significant amount of weight without weighing a building down, making it an ideal substance to use in skyscrapers and other large structures. Featuring strong aluminum alloys, today’s buildings constructed with aluminum can support heavy glass panes that promote natural sunlight throughout the structure.

Reducing overall costs

Aluminum has the ability to reflect sunlight, allowing buildings to stay cooler for less money. As mentioned above, aluminum is an ideal building material for structures featuring natural light. By utilizing large glass windows, buildings constructed with aluminum can save on A/C and lighting bills.

With so many environmental and financial benefits, aluminum is quickly becoming one of the premier building materials for skyscrapers around the world. When it comes to designing a building, no team of engineering consultants work harder or produce better work than JBA. For more information or to set up a consultation, give us a call today at (702) 362-9200.