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How Engineers Shaped the Las Vegas Pool Scene


Glitz and glam comprise the main appeal of Las Vegas, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that might not be immediately apparent to the casual observer. This truism is all the more true when it comes to the Las Vegas pool scene. Upon first glance, it may seem that your poolside surroundings naturally fell into place. However, when it come to Las Vegas pools nothing could be further from the truth. Just about every pool in Vegas has been carefully designed by an expert team of engineers.

Setting the Mood

As any quality artistic engineer knows, the pool area should be visually appealing above all else. At the same time, form must follow function. Engineers strategically design the poolside space in such a way as to effectively direct the flow of traffic around the pool. Moreover, creating the illusion of spaciousness will allow the pool space to feel open and welcoming even if the square footage is negligible.

The Pool Itself

An innovative pool design can enhance a visitor’s overall impression. Engineers must consider the finer points of the actual layout of the pool, which are of the utmost importance when it comes to pool design. For example, there should be plenty of shallow areas for those who aren’t comfortable swimming, but still want to enjoy the water. A seasoned engineer will construct space for everything from friendly socializing to a more secluded dip.

Why Engineering is Important

With so many hotel pool options to choose from, if the space doesn’t feel exactly right, vacationers and party-goers alike will head elsewhere. The precise location of everything from cabanas and chairs to the spa and the steam room makes a huge difference. As such, dividing space up well is the key to creating the perfect guest experience. The right set-up will encourage relaxation while promoting all-around enjoyment.

Especially in the hospitality-driven town of Vegas, it might look like a given pool space designed itself. But appearances, as is so often the case, can be deceiving. A pool engineer’s ultimate goal is to design a space that will satisfy the patron’s proclivities, whatever they might be. The next time you find yourself in awe of the magnificence of one of the many Las Vegas pools either on or off the strip, take a moment to dissect the planning and craftsmanship behind it. Pondering a new pool project? Contact us to see if our firm might be a good fit to help imagination become reality.